10 Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

June 15, 2018 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
10 Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

We at Nicoletti Law Firm cannot imagine a better feeling than riding a motorcycle through the back roads of Florida. But sadly, accidents do happen. Therefore, we wanted to share a few tips to consider before the next time you get out on the road or, if you are a new rider.

1. Purchase a motorcycle you can handle. Make sure you do your research and review the motorcycle model with the salesperson extensively. Stay away from a bike that may be too heavy or too fast for your riding style or experience.

2. Wear the right protective gear. It is imperative that you wear the right protective gear including a helmet, a jacket, proper pants, boots, and gloves. These items could protect you from more serious injuries if an issue were to arise.

3. Drive defensively. Often times, drivers do not see or hear motorcyclists. Therefore, take it upon yourself to drive defensively and expect the unexpected.

4. Inspect your motorcycle. Before riding, make sure to inspect your motorcycle, especially your brakes and tires. Make sure nothing is hanging off, the battery is charged, and you have plenty of fuel.

5. Check the weather report. Riding in bad weather can increase the chance of danger. Be sure to check the weather shortly before riding as weather can change even hours before it occurs.

6. Practice. If you are a new rider, make sure to practice riding and consider taking a motorcycle safety course every so often to harness your skills.

7. Follow all traffic laws. There is no reason to speed or fail to stop. Make sure that you are being diligent and following all laws.

8. Ride with others that know how to ride. Often times, you may be invited to ride with friends. Make sure that they have experience riding in a group and are riding responsibly.

9. Always be alert and never ride tired. Make sure that you have gotten plenty of sleep before riding. If you are feeling tired, make sure to pull over for a few minutes or if riding on a long trip, make sure to plan time to pull over for sleep.

10. Have fun! Riding a motorcycle is a ton of fun and you can certainly do so while being safe.

We hope that you have a fantastic time riding. However, if you or someone you know is involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure to call the Motorcycle Accident Attorneys of Nicoletti Law Firm at (727) 845-5972. We offer a FREE no-obligation consultation. Let us help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Be safe everyone and enjoy!

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