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Port Richey Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Nicoletti Law FirmA traumatic brain injury can sound severe and quite scary. Oftentimes, many victims of motor vehicle accidents have suffered a traumatic brain injury that goes undetected because they are simply never asked the right questions by their attorneys or doctors.

There are several myths involving traumatic brain injuries that often lead to many victims being untreated. It is untrue that you cannot have a traumatic brain injury if you do not hit your head – in fact, many traumatic brain injuries are caused by whiplash alone.

Additionally, you do not have to be rendered unconscious to have a traumatic brain injury – most of our clients that have suffered a traumatic brain injury never lost consciousness. Lastly, suffering a mild traumatic brain injury is not mutually exclusive with a temporary injury – many mild traumatic brain injuries are in fact permanent.

It is important that you speak with a Port Richey brain injury attorney who understands the importance of treating a traumatic brain injury quickly and efficiently.

A traumatic brain injury is caused by an external force and can have symptoms ranging from a “mild” change in mental status or consciousness to “severe”, including permanent memory loss and an extended period of unconsciousness. Scientific evidence has recently shown that even minor concussions have the potential to leading to long-term brain damage.

Some people may experience obvious signs of a brain injury, such as a gunshot wound to the head. However, a person may suffer from a TBI with a closed head injury as well.

In auto accidents, diffuse axonal injuries are common. This is a type of injury to the brain that is a result of the brain moving back and forth within the skull due to acceleration or deceleration. When this type of movement occurs, the axons, which are a part of the nerve cells that allow neurons to send messages between them are disrupted and can result in a person receiving a minor concussion, or even a severe TBI leading to a coma. Whiplash is a common cause of diffuse axonal injuries.

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