Port Richey Bus Accident Lawyer

In the state of Florida, bus accidents are quite common and operate differently than a traditional automobile accident. A bus is considered a common carrier, which means that it serves the public by transporting people.

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If an accident occurs, the bus company is liable for any injuries or losses that occur due to their negligence. Additionally, companies who own and operate commercial buses have a legal duty to ensure that their vehicles are maintained and operated in accordance with state and national regulations.

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However, many buses in the state of Florida are owned and operated by the State. Any vehicle that is owned or maintained by the State or county is subject to sovereign immunity, which strictly limits the amount of money an injured victim may recover.

Additionally, special procedural measures must be taken in order to pursue a claim against a vehicle owned by the county or State. It is very important to hire an attorney that knows and understands all procedural requirements in order to accurately make a claim against a state or county-owned vehicle.