January 23, 2018 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti

Each year Jose Gasparilla and his faithful pirate krew invade Tampa Bay creating an incredible time of fun! Other pirate krewes join Gasparilla for an annual parade throwing beads and treasures into the crowd of more than an estimated 300,000 people this year. We at Nicoletti Accident Injury Lawyers wanted to create a small list of tips you and your mates could use to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe time!

  1. Wear comfortable clothing. It’s a long day. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and especially, comfortable shoes.
  2. Have a meeting place if you get separated. At the beginning of the day make sure to have a meeting place picked out with your group in case anyone may get lost or separated.
  3. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged. In case of emergency and to keep in contact with your group, make sure your cell phone is fully charged so you can properly communicate.
  4. Park only where allowed. The worst thing you can do is come out of the parade at the end of a great day only to see your car has been towed. Make sure to pick a proper parking spot.
  5. Do NOT drink and drive. If you plan on drinking, get a designated driver, call an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, or hire a car service. Do not put your life or someone else’s at risk.
  6. Eat food and drink water throughout the day. As I mentioned earlier, it is a long day. Make sure to stay properly hydrated and fed throughout the day to avoid any potential issues.
  7. Know your limits. Just because you are at a pirate parade does not mean you need to drink like a pirate. Know your limits and drink responsibly.
  8. Bring cash. Some vendors do not take credit or debit cards. Be sure to bring some cash with you just in case. It could come in handy for an emergency as well.
  9. Obey all laws. Just because it may be a day to "act like a pirate" does not mean you can actually act like a pirate and not follow rules. Be sure to follow all state and federal laws and listen to the instructions of the parade staff and police officers.
  10. Protect yourself from the sun. Just because it may be cold out does not mean the sun does not shine. Make sure to put on sunblock and if you would like, wear a hat.

The Gasparilla Parade has been held in Tampa almost every year since 1904. It is a lot of fun and we hope all of you have a wonderful time. Be kind to one another and enjoy the day. Most importantly, be safe!

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