5 Guidelines To Use When Hiring An Attorney

July 25, 2017 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
5 Guidelines To Use When Hiring An Attorney

The time has come and you need legal representation. However, there are so many lawyers to choose from. You constantly see television ads and hear radio ads by lawyers in your area. In addition, you also have that friend or neighbor that says, “Hey, my Uncle Larry is a lawyer, you should use him.” Only later do you find that Uncle Larry is only a real estate attorney and you needed a personal injury attorney. Choosing the right lawyer can be difficult.  Therefore, here are five guidelines that you should consider when hiring an attorney.

1. Choose someone who is competent. As stated above, you would not hire a real estate attorney to handle a personal injury matter. Try to find an attorney that has experience with your legal issue and ask them how they would go about handling it.

2. Hire an attorney that puts your interests first. Remember, the attorney works for you, you do not work for the attorney. Make sure you find an attorney that lays out the options you can take instead of dictating how the case will go. The case is yours and the attorney is merely a counselor.

3. Look at the attorney’s reviews. Often times, lawyers will have a testimonial page on their website. But, most of those are only the best reviews. Do some research in addition to checking Facebook reviews and Google reviews to verify their credibility.

4. Find an attorney that has time for you. Often, it may be difficult to get an attorney on the phone, or you may never hear from your attorney. That is just not acceptable. You have the right to talk to your attorney personally and get your questions answered. Further, you have a right to have your case handled in a timely manner. If you think your case is taking too long, express that to the attorney and when you ask why the attorney should have a competent answer for you.

5. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the attorney. Do you feel comfortable confiding in them and giving them the information that they need in order to properly handle your case? You should also feel comfortable asking questions and keeping an open line of communication.

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Hiring an attorney can be a difficult process. But, if you follow these guidelines, then the selection process should be much easier. Also, be sure to remember that the Nicoletti Law Firm is available to you 24/7/365 to answer any questions. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, call the Injury Attorneys of Nicoletti Law Firm immediately at (727) 845-5972. The insurance companies start working on your claim right away, why not have our firm do the same on your behalf. Let us fight for you so you can obtain the compensation that you deserve!

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