5 Things That Should Be Purchased With Your First Motorcycle

April 1, 2019 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
5 Things That Should Be Purchased With Your First Motorcycle

When purchasing your first motorcycle, that motorcycle should not be the end of the road with purchases. Motorcycle accidents do occur sadly. But, you may be able to decrease those odds with additional purchases such as reflective gear and an inspection. However, even if a motorcycle accident does occur, if you purchase the proper precautions, your injuries may be reduced.

Check out these items that should be purchased in addition to your new motorcycle:

1. Motorcycle Insurance: In Florida, we have preached in multiple articles that Bodily Injury Coverage is not required in the state. That means that if a driver hits you without bodily injury coverage you may be on your own to pay for injuries. Therefore, you must protect yourself. Be sure to get your own motorcycle insurance policy so you are not on the hook for motorcycle accident expenses.

2. Training Class: Learning to drive a car is difficult enough, but driving a motorcycle is a whole different story. Be sure that you take a motorcycle training course in order to learn how to properly operate your bike.

3. Helmet: A helmet is crucial and is the most important piece of safety equipment to buy in addition to your new bike. Head injuries are more likely to occur without a helmet so be sure to protect your head and purchase one.

4. Protective/ Reflective Wear: A jacket, gloves, boots/ proper shoes, and proper pants are important, so you are more protected in the case of a motorcycle accident. Additionally, reflective wear such as a bright vest or reflective tape on your equipment can increase your visibility to others on the road, especially at night.

5. Motorcycle Inspection: This is especially true in the case of purchasing a used motorcycle. Be sure to have a motorcycle shop or dealership properly inspect your new bike for any issues in the case that you buy it from a private party.

Common Injuries

 Some common types of motorcycle accident injuries include:

- Road Rash

- Broken Bones

- Head Injuries

- Lacerations

- Traumatic Brain Injuries

- Back Injuries

- Neck Injuries

- Spinal Cord Injuries

Your Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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