5 Tips For Driving In Back To School Traffic

August 9, 2017 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
5 Tips For Driving In Back To School Traffic

Sadly, it is the end of summer and the kids are back to school. With that, early morning traffic increases and there are more things to look out for while on the road. Therefore, here are 5 tips to remember when driving in back to school traffic:

1. Children Crossing. While some children take the bus, maybe children walk and bike to school. Make sure that you pay attention to crosswalks as some children may fail to read the signs and walk when they are not supposed to. Be the defensive driver and pay attention to crosswalks near schools.

2. School Zones. When the lights are blinking, make sure to lower your speed to the appropriate limit when going through a school zone. Failure to do so can land you with a hefty fine.

3. School Buses. Sometimes, school buses fail to give notice and stop quickly when trying to drop off children. Make sure to maintain a safe distance when following behind. Further, make sure to stop and do not go around when school buses put out their stop signs. These signs signal that children are about to be dropped off or picked up. If you do go around while the signs are out, you could end up with a large fine.

4. Student Drop-Off Line. Often, traffic patterns may change due to a back up of the student drop-off line. Be aware of traffic changes and watch for vehicles stopping suddenly around the front of schools.

5. New Drivers. Often times over the summer, students turn 15 and get their permit or 16 and finally get their driver’s license. These new drivers may not be accustomed to the traffic that occurs during the beginning of a new year. Make sure to take extra precaution and be respectful to these new drivers.

As always, it is best to drive defensively, especially when in close proximately to a school. It is up to you to be diligent and to watch for children crossing, school buses, and traffic changes. If you or someone you know is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, call the Nicoletti Law Firm today at (727) 845-5972. Be safe everyone and enjoy the new school year!

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