Accident On Spring Break? Tips For Florida Visitors

March 13, 2019 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
Accident On Spring Break? Tips For Florida Visitors

Accidents happen, sadly, even on vacation. With millions coming to Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches and wonderful weather for Spring Break, accidents are likely to rise. In fact, a recent study stated that “[t]he weekly death toll resulting from car crashes in the 14 spring break counties was 9.1 percent higher during the spring break season compared to other weeks of the year.” It is up to Spring Breakers to make the conscious decision to be safe while traveling on Florida roads.

Here are a few accident-related tips you should consider if you decide to Spring Break in Florida:

1. Be sure to get rental car insurance. Unlike other states, Florida has no requirement for bodily injury or uninsured motorist coverage. It is best to protect yourself in the case of an accident and purchase supplemental insurance when getting a rental car.

2. Take ride sharing if unfamiliar with the area. It is best to let someone drive that is more familiar with the area if you are not in order to prevent a potential accident from occurring.

3. Follow all traffic and state laws. Just because it is Spring Break does not mean all rules go out the door. Do not jaywalk. Follow traffic signals. Wear your seatbelt.

4. Do not drive after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is often a part of Spring Break. Even if you are over the legal age requirement, do not drink and drive. Call a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or have a designated driver with you that is knowledgeable about the area.

5. Keep identification on you at all times. If you do happen to be involved in an accident, it is important that you have identification on you in case you are incapacitated.

6. Do not overpack a vehicle with passengers. Often times, Spring Breakers do not want to pay for additional Ubers, Lyfts, or Taxis and instead want to pack as many people as possible in a vehicle, including in the trunk. Severe injuries can occur if a passenger is not properly seated with their seatbelt on. Be sure each passenger has a proper seat.

7. Do not drive distracted. Especially in that case that you do not the area well, do not distract yourself with the radio, passengers in your vehicle, and stay off the phone. Absolutely be sure not to text and drive.

Common Car Accident Injuries

When you have been injured in a car accident on Spring Break, allow us to be there for you. We handled all types of car accidents from those that may be considered minor to those that are catastrophic. Some common types of car accident injuries include:

– Broken Bones

– Head Injuries

– Lacerations

– Traumatic Brain Injuries

– Back Injuries

– Neck Injuries

– Spinal Cord Injuries

Florida Attorneys For Your Florida Car Accident

Allow our Florida barred attorneys to assist you with your Florida car accident, even if you are not from the State of Florida. You need an attorney that is familiar with Florida personal injury law as well as an attorney that is familiar with Florida. Our attorneys have both of those qualities and want to fight for you. You deserve to be compensated!

Have You Been In An Accident?

The attorneys of Nicoletti Law Firm handle a variety of personal injury matters including car accidentsmotorcycle accidentstruck accidents, and slip & falls. If you have been injured and are need of an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney, call the Personal Injury Attorneys of Nicoletti Law Firm Lawyers today. You can contact Nicoletti Law Firm Lawyers anytime at 727.998.3568 or you can fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form. Do not ever worry about having to travel to one of our offices, we are always willing to travel to wherever is convenient for you at no cost. Be safe everyone!

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