Preparing For Prom Night: 5 Things That Should Be Considered

April 9, 2019 | By Nicolette R. Nicoletti
Preparing For Prom Night: 5 Things That Should Be Considered

Prom Season is an incredible time for young people to get together, dress up, and to have fun. But, even during such a wonderful occasion, accidents and injuries can still occur. But, if you prepare properly and discuss things with your child ahead of time, it can be a great night without issue. Here are a few tips that we suggest that you go over with your child in order to ensure a great prom night:

1. Check your shoes. For men, make sure that your shoes fit properly and that they are not too slick on the bottom. Slickness could cause issues on different surfaces which could lead to a fall. For women, be sure to make sure you are used to walking in the heels that you choose. An ill-fitting heel or a heel that is too big could lead to a fall as well.

2. Arrange adequate transportation. As the general rule goes, do not put more people in the car then there are seatbelts. If you plan on traveling with a large group, rent an appropriate bus or limo.

3. Do NOT Drink Alcohol. Even though it is Prom night, alcohol is still illegal for those under the age of 21. Do not break the law.

4. Make sure your dress is tailored properly. Long dresses are gorgeous but can easily be tripped on. Make sure you are used to walking in the dress you are purchasing and it is not too long.

5. Stay Connected! Make sure to stay connected with your child throughout the night. It is not too much to ask your child to touch base throughout the night to make sure they are safe.

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