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Suffering serious injuries can put your life on hold, and when another party is at fault, you have the right to seek compensation for the damages resulting from your injury. One complex injury that leads to often challenging legal claims is a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

TBIs affect each victim differently, so each case needs individualized assessment by a legal professional. At Nicoletti Accident Injury Lawyers, we understand the complicated nature of this injury and the extensive losses that can result.

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We fight for full compensation for brain injury victims, and we have achieved these results for past clients:

  • $1,700,000 for a car passenger who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
  • $1,250,000 for a client with TBI and TMJ from a truck crash
  • $1,000,000 for a client with severe TBI from a car accident
  • $900,000 for a man in a truck accident on I-75 that caused brain injuries
  • $780,000 for a client who suffered a brain injury when a car hit their moped
  • $425,000 for a client with a brain injury from a motorcycle accident

As you can see, we take brain injury claims seriously, and our St. Petersburg personal injury lawyers will fight for whatever your claim is worth.

To discuss the details of your injury and to determine if you have a case, the experienced St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury lawyers from Nicoletti Accident Injury Lawyers are standing by. Case evaluations are always free, and we can advise you of your legal options.

TBI Risks in St. Petersburg

While St. Petersburg is generally a safe place to live, and no one expects to suffer a brain injury in their daily lives, there are many risks of traumatic brain injuries in the area.

Car and Truck Accidents

With over 260,000 people living and working in St. Pete and millions more visiting every year, traffic accidents are a common problem. These crashes might happen on I-275 or at a dangerous intersection, such as 28th St. North and 1st Ave. North.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many people park and walk to one of the many beautiful beaches in the area, including nearby St. Pete Beach. Unfortunately, an enjoyable day can go very wrong when a driver hits you on your way to soak up the sun. Many drivers fail to watch for pedestrians or get frustrated with the numerous people walking around the area, causing serious accidents and injuries.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

The climate and views in St. Pete make it perfect for riding open-air vehicles like bikes or motorcycles. These vehicles are harder to see, and many distracted or aggressive drivers crash into those on two wheels. Even a proper helmet cannot always protect someone from head trauma and brain injuries.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Brain Injuries From Slip and Falls

Slips and falls can happen anywhere, but they are common in stores, hotels, and other high-traffic areas that businesses might fail to maintain. You might slip and fall in Publix Super Market, Walmart, at Northeast Park Shopping Center, the Chihuly Museum, restaurants, or many other locations, and these accidents can cause you to hit your head and suffer a brain injury.

No matter how your brain injury occurs, always ask whether you can hold someone else liable for your losses. The liable party might be a driver, a property owner, a company, or others. Our attorneys can review how your brain injury happened and assess your rights.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Be Severe and Lead to Significant Life Changes

A traumatic brain injury is a serious injury that can impact many areas of your life, including your ability to function both personally and professionally. A TBI happens when you experience a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating wound to your head that damages the soft tissues of your brain. Depending on the damaged area of the brain, you can experience a wide range of adverse effects from your TBI.

The symptoms and effects of a brain injury will depend on the severity of the damage you suffered and the location of the injury. Different areas of the brain control different functioning, so each person with a TBI can have a vastly different experience.

Some of the immediate effects you can experience include:

  • Dizziness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Memory issues
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Irritability
  • Disorientation and confusion

If you feel anything out of the ordinary, you should get a medical evaluation right away. Many people fail to realize they have a TBI until a doctor diagnoses them.

TBI diagnoses can range from mild to severe, though all brain injuries are serious conditions. A “mild” TBI (mTBI) diagnosis only refers to your immediate symptoms, but symptoms can worsen and persist for a long time. For this reason, never assume that you do not have a serious injury because of an mTBI diagnosis.

Even after you begin treatment for your TBI, you can feel the effects of the injury for weeks, months, years, or permanently. These effects can include:

Cognitive impairments - Many TBI victims struggle with basic cognitive functions, such as information processing, verbal or written communication, following directions, reading comprehension, and more. These impairments can make it difficult or impossible to succeed at work or school, and many TBIs can derail the career paths of victims.

Physical impairments - You can damage parts of your brain that control physical movement, which can cause loss of balance or coordination, an affected gait, slurred speech, and other physical difficulties. You might struggle to pick up your children, exercise, play sports, or work physical jobs due to these issues.

Behavioral impairments - TBI victims can experience a lack of emotional control, angry outbursts, depression, anxiety, lack of inhibition, and other behavioral control problems. Some people experience personality changes, and their loved ones cannot easily deal with this.

How a St. Petersburg Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

Personal Injury Lawyer, Nicolette R. Nicoletti
Brain Injury Lawyer, Nicolette R. Nicoletti

Once you get a medical diagnosis of a TBI and begin following your treatment plan, you should then start thinking about your legal rights. The medical bills will begin to add up, and you might be losing income from missed work. Never wait to learn about your legal options by contacting a St. Petersburg brain injury attorney.

If we determine you have a valid case, our legal team can:

  • Determine who should be liable for your losses
  • Gather evidence of liability
  • Calculate your past and future losses
  • File an insurance claim and demand compensation
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters
  • Advise you whether a settlement offer is fair or not
  • Pursue a lawsuit in court when needed

The insurance process will differ depending on how your injury happened. If you were in a car accident, we will begin with a PIP claim, but many brain injuries cross the threshold and qualify for a claim against the at-fault driver. This is something we can determine for you. If your injury stemmed from another type of accident, such as a fall, we might file a claim directly against the liable party’s business or property insurer.

You should not navigate this process when already dealing with a brain injury and its effects. We are ready to take this stress off your shoulders and protect your rights. This leaves you free to focus on getting better or adjusting to life with your brain injury.

Calculating Your Damages

One of the difficult steps in a brain injury case is calculating your damages.

These include:

  • All medical expenses, including emergency treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitative therapy, diagnostic testing, medications, and ongoing assistance in the future
  • Wages you already lost and wages you will likely lose in the future if you cannot return to work.
  • Physical pain and suffering from your injury, including headaches and migraines, lack of sleep, pain from physical impairments, and more
  • Emotional suffering due to the struggles that come with a TBI, including the inability to work or engage in your usual activities
  • Any permanent impairments or disabilities you have from irreversible TBIs

Calculating your damages fully and accurately is a huge part of a brain injury case. Many people - and insurance companies - grossly underestimate the costs of a TBI, and insurers are hoping you will accept less than you deserve. We advise you how much your case is worth to prevent you from accepting less than you need.

Insurance Company Communications and Negotiations

Insurance companies enjoy when claimants do not have legal representation. Adjusters know they have a better chance of limiting payments when someone does not have legal advice and guidance. This helps maintain the company’s bottom line, but it leaves people like you with long-term financial struggles.

Instead of talking to insurance companies - at all - on your own, you should have our lawyers handle all insurance communications and negotiations for you. This eliminates the risk that you will say anything that might jeopardize your claim. Even the slightest wrong word can give an adjuster reason to minimize your payments.

When you enlist help from our team, you do not have to talk to adjusters anymore. We present your claim, provide all additional information the adjuster needs, and review every settlement offer for you. If an insurer does not offer as much as you need, we can escalate the matter by filing a lawsuit in civil court. We handle every step of litigation for you to seek the best possible outcome.

St. Petersburg Brain Injury FAQs

How Do I know if I Have A TBI?

Most people do not realize they have a brain injury. They might feel disoriented or have a headache, but assume this is “normal” after an accident. Over time, they might experience worsening symptoms. To be sure whether you have a TBI, you should always consult with medical professionals as soon as possible after your accident. They have diagnostic tools that allow them to identify a TBI.

What kind of damages can I get for a TBI?

A TBI can cost tens of thousands of dollars, if not millions, and your damages should include your medical bills and treatments in the short and long term, plus your lost income and lost earning potential. You also should recover financially for all the intangible losses you experienced, such as pain and suffering.

How long should I have coverage of my treatment and costs from a TBI?

A complete settlement for your TBI should cover all of your medical bills and treatment from your initial injury through the rest of your life. This is a complex determination of how much you need, but our attorneys can help with this.

When should I contact an attorney about my TBI?

Connecting with an experienced St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury lawyer from the Nicoletti Accident Injury Lawyers as soon as you can after receiving emergency medical care will support the best possible outcome in your case. Reach out right away so we can begin evaluating your rights.

Should I take a settlement offer from the insurance company?

Before you accept a settlement offer, always make sure it covers your past and future losses. When an insurance company makes an offer right after your diagnosis, having additional money might seem attractive. However, if the settlement is not enough to cover all your losses - some of which you might not even realize, you should never accept the offer. Always speak with a St. Petersburg brain injury attorney about an offer before you accept it. If you take too little, you waive your right to ask for more in the future, and this can cause serious financial harm.

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