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Automobile Accidents

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Are You Entitled To A Rental Car After A Car Accident?

How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

One of the biggest inconveniences after getting into an auto accident is having to be without your vehicle while it is getting evaluated and/or fixed. Some may have to take it to the body shop and leave it there to get repaired for an ample period of time until its completely fixed. Others may have a more severe accident where their car is determined a total loss but, the car may be at a tow yard for some time until an adjuster can properly evaluate the damage. In either situation, you are without a vehicle. However, you might be entitled...

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What To Do After A Port Richey Uber Accident

Port RIchey Car Accident Lawyers

If you are injured by either while riding in an Uber as a passenger or if you are hit by a vehicle driven by an Uber driver, you may have a claim. However, it may be your first time getting into an accident and you may not know some of the steps that you should take. Therefore, here are a few suggestions you should consider in you are involved in a Port Richey Uber Accident. 1. Take a deep breath and gather your thoughts. 2. Check to make sure that you are not severely injured. 3. Once you check yourself, check on others...

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Passenger Personal Injury Claims After A Car Accident

Port Richey Auto Crash Attorney

Often times, you may be a passenger in a car. It could be on a bus, in a taxi, in an Uber, in a Lyft, or even in a friend’s car. But, just because you are a passenger does not mean you do not have rights when the vehicle you are the passenger in is involved in a car accident. You do have options to recover, but those options can be limited by who is at fault. It is imperative that you contact our office, so we can begin the investigation immediately as to who is at fault. We understand that...

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Most Dangerous Intersections Throughout Hillsborough County

Port Richey Auto Accident Lawyers

Sadly, many accidents occur often on roads throughout Hillsborough County. Lately, if you have followed the Nicoletti Law Firm on Facebook, you have seen that we have put out a post each morning to notify you of some of the accidents that have occurred during your morning commute. Due to the amount of traffic on the roads in the morning, it is not surprising that many accidents occur during those early hours. However, vehicle accidents can still occur at any time of the day. A list of the 10 intersections in Hillsborough County that can be considered the most dangerous was...

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Children & Car Insurance | Is Your Family Protected?

Port Richey Auto Crash Attorney

Young or old, children are very important. We at Nicoletti Law Firm strongly believe that children are our future and you must protect your family. Whether they are a passenger or even a young driver, your child may not be protected when riding in or driving a vehicle. Often times, we hear from clients that they have full coverage. But, that may not be the case. In Florida, full coverage is considered to ONLY include Personal Injury Protection Coverage and Liability Coverage. There is no requirement in Florida to have Bodily Injury Coverage, Uninsured/ Underinsured Coverage, or Collision Coverage. That means,...

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Morning Traffic Accident Updates: Week of October 1st

Port Richey Traffic Accident Attorneys

Traffic 🚗🚙 Updates 10/1: WESLEY CHAPEL | Morris Bridge Rd @ Mandrake Rd. CLEARWATER | E Bay Dr @ US 19. PORT RICHEY | Decubellis Rd @ Town Center Rd. PLANT CITY | I-4W at Exit 19 Thonotosassa Rd.   Traffic 🚗🚙 Updates 10/2: PINELLAS | Vehicle fire reported US-19 @ Countryside. TAMPA | Crash w/ roadblock on Race Track @ Forest Lake Blvd S. HILLSBOROUGH | Crash 75 SB at Sun City Center blocking one lane.   Traffic 🚗🚙 Updates 10/3: LUTZ | Crash w/ roadblock Dale Mabry @ Cheval Blvd. PINELLAS | Crash reported US-19 @ Belleair. Roadblock SB. NEW PORT RICHEY | Crash w/ roadblock reported Plathe Road @ Rowan. TAMPA | Crash on 275 NB @ I-4 EB entrance ramp. SEFFNER | Crash w/ roadblock US-92...

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Port RIchey Personal Injury Lawyers

The old cardinal rule holds true: “If it is posted on the internet, it is on there forever.” This absolutely holds true for social media. Social media is everywhere. Who has not heard of and used social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. I know that the Nicoletti Walker Accident Injury Lawyers is on multiple social media platforms. Many of us want to keep our friends and family updated on what we are doing. But, after an accident, that may not be the best plan. Insurance companies can and are likely to use what you say to discredit...

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Port Richey Auto Accident Lawyer

Sadly, during an auto accident, injuries are common. This is especially true for the neck and back. One common neck injury is known as whiplash. “The jolt (or blow to the head) can come from behind, in front, or from the side [and] [e]ven a low-speed collision can cause whiplash.” Pain from whiplash sometimes does not show up right away. It may take between 12-24 hours or longer from the occurrence of an accident before symptoms arise. How does whiplash occur? Whiplash often occurs when the muscles in your neck are strained due to a quick movement of the neck backward and then forward....

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Nicoletti Walker Accident Injury Lawyers

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, we highly recommend that you call the police. But sometimes, due to a variety of reasons, the police will not come out to the scene. Just because they do not come out does not mean that you do not have a claim nor does it mean that you should not gather the necessary information. In that situation, you need to do exactly what the police officer would do. 1. Gather the other party’s information. This includes their name, address, phone number, license plate number, insurance provider and policy number. We suggest that you...

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Nicoletti Walker Accident Injury Lawyers

After an accident, the insurance company will surely ask for a recorded statement. Now, this may seem simple enough. But, you should still answer “no” when being asked to make a recorded statement immediately after an accident, especially without an attorney’s representation. Consequences It is important to understand that although the insurance company requesting the statement may seem friendly, their primary goal is to minimize your injuries and ultimately, the amount of money they compensate you with. The people that take these statements have a lot of experience. They know what questions to ask and know how to use your words against...

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