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Accident During Summer Vacation? 5 Reasons to Hire A Florida Personal Injury Attorney

It’s that time of year. School is out and it’s time for that vacation you have been waiting for with your family. Maybe you and your family are visiting one of Florida’s famous beaches. You could be heading to one of the many theme parks such as Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens or, the infamous Disney. You could be visiting relatives as well. But sadly, due to the negligence of another, an auto accident has occurred. You and the members of your party have been injured and the medical bills are starting to mount up. You may not be...

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Fourth of July Weekend: Are You Prepared To Travel?

Fourth of July Weekend is a wonderful time for family, friends, and fireworks. It is also a huge travel event. Traffic will be heavier than usual. Review these travel tips before you start on your journey this Fourth of July Weekend: 1. Inspect your vehicle. Make sure your tires and brakes are checked for any issues. Also, be sure to check that your fluids are at the proper levels as well. 2. Be alert in “stop and go” traffic.  Even though you are operating at a low speed, car accidents in “stop and go” traffic can still happen. Be sure to be...

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6 Tips To Consider Before Traveling This Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is here and Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. That means travel for a lot of families throughout the United States and especially to and from our home state, Florida. Studies have shown that Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year and that means, more accidents. Roads are congested and drivers are often in a rush to their destination. With the rise of traffic during this holiday weekend, we wanted to provide a few tips for you to consider before traveling. 1. Leave Early. Make sure you leave early and also plan for gas...

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Injured In Car Accident While Working? Does ONLY Worker’s Compensation Apply?

You’re a delivery driver for a flower shop. You are on your way to your last stop. You stop at a stop light and a few seconds later suddenly, you feel a large push from behind your vehicle. You have just been rear-ended. Your first few thoughts are “Am I okay?” “Is the other driver okay?” “I need to call the police.” You go to the hospital and finally come to wondering how you are going to pay for all your medical care. Do I Have To Only Go Through Worker’s Compensation Coverage? You call your employer the next day and let...

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Easter Weekend Travel: Are You Prepared?

Easter weekend is a huge travel event. Traffic will be heavier than usual with individuals making their way to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. Review these travel tips before you embark on your journey this Easter weekend: 1. Make sure that car is in proper condition. Make sure to have your tires and brakes checked for any issues. Also, be sure to check your fluids as well. 2. Make sure to stop for gas often. Although it may take more time to travel, many people will be on the roads this Easter weekend. That means, heavy traffic. With that, you...

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Should you speak to the other driver’s insurance company after an accident?

Should you speak to the other driver's insurance company after an accident? The short answer, no. After an accident, the first thing individuals typically want to do is report the accident to the insurance companies. It is not prudent to speak with the other driver’s insurance company without first consulting with an attorney to understand your rights. Remember - and to most individual's surprise -you have no legal obligation to speak to the other party's insurance company after an accident, and here are some reasons as to why it may not be in your best interest: You May Reveal Incorrect Medical...

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Preparing For Prom Night: 5 Things That Should Be Considered

Prom Season is an incredible time for young people to get together, dress up, and to have fun. But, even during such a wonderful occasion, accidents and injuries can still occur. But, if you prepare properly and discuss things with your child ahead of time, it can be a great night without issue. Here are a few tips that we suggest that you go over with your child in order to ensure a great prom night: 1. Check your shoes. For men, make sure that your shoes fit properly and that they are not too slick on the bottom. Slickness could...

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5 Things That Should Be Purchased With Your First Motorcycle

When purchasing your first motorcycle, that motorcycle should not be the end of the road with purchases. Motorcycle accidents do occur sadly. But, you may be able to decrease those odds with additional purchases such as reflective gear and an inspection. However, even if a motorcycle accident does occur, if you purchase the proper precautions, your injuries may be reduced. Check out these items that should be purchased in addition to your new motorcycle: 1. Motorcycle Insurance: In Florida, we have preached in multiple articles that Bodily Injury Coverage is not required in the state. That means that if a driver hits...

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Most Common Expenses & Costs Incurred After An Accident

After an accident, there are likely to be expenses that you could be held responsible for. The Nicoletti Law Firm is a strong believer that you should not be solely responsible for those expenses, especially when you have been involved in an accident that is not your fault. The other party who caused the accident should be held liable. Here are some common expenses that you may incur after an accident: Medical Bills Medical bills are the most common type of expense incurred after an accident. These bills can be numerous and voluminous. You should absolutely not be obligated to pay for...

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April 2019 Tampa Bay Area Car Shows & Meets

Check out the cars shows & meets happening around the Tampa Bay Area for the month of April 2019. We hope to see some of you there! April Motorsports Gathering  Date: April 6, 2019 Time: 7am-9am Location: Motorsports by Reeves, 11333 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida 33612 Facebook Page Festivals Of Speed: Saint Petersburg  Date: April 7, 2019 Time: 10am-4pm Location: Vinoy Park, 701 Bayshore Drive NE, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701 Facebook Page Cars and Coffee at Audi Wesley Chapel  Date: April 13, 2019 Time: 8:30am-10:30am Location: Audi Wesley Chapel, 2500 Lajuana Blvd, Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543 Facebook Page Fitment Daze by Tampa’s FINEST  Date: April 14, 2019 Time: 11am-4pm Location: Detail Garage, 5721 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, Florida 33617 Facebook Page 8th...

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