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The Personal Injury Attorneys of the Nicoletti Law Firm are proud to announce that we are a sponsor of the Annual Kumquat Festival in Dade City, Florida. This is one of the largest events in Pasco County and is put on by the fine people of The Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce. The Kumquat Festival takes place on January 27th, 2018 from 9am-5pm. More than 40,000 people attend each year and this year there will be more than 400 vendors! Some of the activities at the event include: arts & crafts, delicious food from a variety of local Pasco County restaurants,...

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We at the Nicoletti Law Firm understand that a slip and fall accident can cause a substantial amount of injury which could lead to large medical bills, the loss of wages, and pain and suffering. Here are a few simple tips that we recommend if you or someone you know is involved in a slip and fall accident. 1. Seek medical attention. The most important thing is your health. If you feel any pain, make sure to be seen by a doctor to make sure those issues are addressed properly and do it at your earliest convenience. It is also important...

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Christmas Day has come and gone. Now, it is time to prepare for New Year’s Eve. Although it may be a time for excitement due to the welcoming of the new year, you still should be vigilant and keep safety in mind. Here are a few tips we recommend to review prior to your celebrating. 1. Plan Your Ride. If you plan on drinking on New Year’s Eve, be sure to have a ride planned out. Taxis, Limos, Ubers, Lyfts or even riding with friends can be difficult to organize. Make sure to have a plan in place not only to...

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With the holiday season upon us, parking lots can be loaded with cars in every spot and parking garage. People are moving at a faster pace and cars are in a rush to get the holiday shopping over with. Accidents can happen and even at a low speed, severe injuries can occur. Therefore, it is up to you to make sure that you do everything you can to prevent an accident from happening. Here are a few tips to remember this holiday season when driving in a parking lot: Back out of your spot slowly. Often times people can dart out...

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Consultation Vs. Hiring An Attorney

Often times, we get asked what is the difference between a consultation and actually hiring an attorney. A consultation is when an attorney will review your claim with you and will explain the strong and weak points of your case. They may need some additional information or may have to do research in order to give you a competent assessment, especially if there are multiple legal issues or your claim is complex. During a consultation, you have not actually hired an attorney, you have just sought advice. But do not feel as though your dealings are not confidential as there...

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NEW Second Location in Zephyrhills!

This year has been incredible! It has been an honor to serve the incredible people of Port Richey, Florida and we will continue to do so. We are growing and want to be more accessible so we can better assist additional communities. Therefore, the Nicoletti Law Firm is proud to announce that we have opened a second location in Zephyrhills, Florida! This office will give us an additional and more convenient space to meet clients from Zephyrhills and surrounding areas such as Dade City, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, and North Tampa. We could not be more excited! Zephyrhills Office Address: 5720 Gall Blvd, Suite 4 Zephyrhills,...

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Why You Should Think Twice About Taking A Legal Loan

Times can get tough after an accident. You may not be able to work for an extended period of time and the 60% of wages that PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage pays may not be enough to cover all of your bills. You need compensation now but your treatment is not complete and therefore, your attorney cannot send out your demand to the insurance company. What are you supposed to do? Some might suggest that you take out a legal loan. In accordance with the Florida Bar Rules, attorneys are not allowed to loan clients money. However, there are companies that will...

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4 Of 5 Most Dangerous Highways Are Located In Florida

Florida is known for the sunshine, it’s beautiful beaches, and multiple incredible attractions. At this time, over 20 million people call Florida home and more than 100 million people visit each year. The attorneys of the Nicoletti Law Firm cannot imagine a more beautiful place to practice law and we are delighted to be able to serve the great people of this state. However, having all of those residents and all of those visitors comes with a price. Sadly, the state of Florida contains 4 of the 5 most dangerous highways in the United States according to a recent study. The...

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Florida Ranked Highest For Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is considered to be a very healthy activity whether it be for pleasure or for sport. However, Florida needs to take immediate action. A recent study that was published showed that the Sunshine State “had the nation's highest proportion of bicyclist fatalities at 7.4 percent in 2015.” The study used research from 2015 because it was the most recent complete data that was available at this time. Experts have agreed that it is likely that Florida’s roadways were designed for cars, and not for bicyclists and pedestrians. This lack of foresight has caused a large increase in bicycle accidents throughout...

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Do I Have To Sue?

Many potential clients ask us at the Nicoletti Law Firm if they have to file a lawsuit in order to be compensated for the negligence of another. Many people see a legal show on TV that always shows a lawyer in court and may believe they themselves always have to go to court to get properly compensated. Although it may not seem like a complete answer, the only answer that we can provide is “not always, but sometimes.” The process of representation first starts with a consultation. At the Nicoletti Law Firm, we provide a FREE consultation. During the consultation, an...

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