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St. Patrick’s Day Weekend: Stay Lucky & Car Accident Free

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is upon on us and that means plenty are celebrating what some may consider to be one of the luckiest holidays of the year. However, with many celebrating, that means more cars, bicycles, & motorcycles on the streets in addition to more pedestrians making their way from place to place. With that being said, accident probability is likely to increase. In fact, “[a]ccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 700 people were killed nationwide in crashes involving drink drivers during St. Patrick’s Day holidays from 2006 to 2010.” We want you to enjoy this...

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Accident On Spring Break? Tips For Florida Visitors

Accidents happen, sadly, even on vacation. With millions coming to Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches and wonderful weather for Spring Break, accidents are likely to rise. In fact, a recent study stated that “[t]he weekly death toll resulting from car crashes in the 14 spring break counties was 9.1 percent higher during the spring break season compared to other weeks of the year.” It is up to Spring Breakers to make the conscious decision to be safe while traveling on Florida roads. Here are a few accident-related tips you should consider if you decide to Spring Break in Florida: 1. Be...

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Are You Entitled To A Rental Car After A Car Accident?

One of the biggest inconveniences after getting into an auto accident is having to be without your vehicle while it is getting evaluated and/or fixed. Some may have to take it to the body shop and leave it there to get repaired for an ample period of time until its completely fixed. Others may have a more severe accident where their car is determined a total loss but, the car may be at a tow yard for some time until an adjuster can properly evaluate the damage. In either situation, you are without a vehicle. However, you might be entitled...

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Can Your Social Media Posts Hurt Your Accident Claim?

Social media can easily be considered one of the most useful creations of the 21st century, but it can also be considered one of the worse when it comes to your accident claim. We all want to let family and friends know how we are doing after an accident but, by doing that, you might be reducing your potential recovery. It is best to keep your social media postings to a minimum and NOT to discuss the accident. Consider THIS! Consider these tips before you post on social media after being involved in an accident: - Keep Your Social Media Private: It is...

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Port Richey Pedestrians: How Safe Are You?

Port Richey is a beautiful community in Pasco County which is one of the primary reasons why we decided to place our main office there. If you have been to Port Richey, you may have noticed numerous pedestrians making their way on foot around town. However, getting around town by foot is not as safe of an activity as it once was according to a recent study. A recent report stated that Florida had the 5th highest death rate in the United States when it comes to deaths caused by pedestrian accidents. 303 Pedestrian Accident-Related Deaths The report stated that there were...

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Traffic Lights: Not A Suggestion

Often times, many try to take the traffic laws into their own hands, this is especially true when it comes to traffic lights. Many try to gamble with speed and time and they try to hurry up to sneak through that yellow light at the last second. Others may even go through a red light causing the likelihood of an accident to go up substantially. This can be incredibly dangerous and the lack of care can result in a catastrophic accident that may include severe injuries. We have all seen it, especially during our morning and evening commutes. Someone is late...

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Why Not To Wait To Contact A Personal Injury & Accident Attorney

Hiring a qualified and experienced Personal Injury & Accident Attorney after an accident is a big decision. Many may want to wait or may want to handle the accident and deal with the insurance companies on their own. But, would you try to fix your own cavity? No, you would go to the dentist. Would you try to fix your own broken arm? Of course not, you would see a doctor. Would you try to sell your own home? Maybe some would, but why deal with contracts, buyers, showings, banks, negotiating, and all the other stressful pieces of a real...

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Auto Insurance 101

Auto Insurance can become complicated quickly. Many people may think they have full coverage but, that may not be the case. Florida only requires you to have PIP and Liability coverage but not Bodily Injury, Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist, MedPay or Collision coverage. But what are all those coverages? Allow us to explain. Bodily Injury Coverage Bodily Injury coverage is optional coverage that is designed to compensate an injured victim for damages caused by another negligent driver. Unfortunately, because Bodily Injury coverage is not required, many Florida drivers do not have Bodily Injury coverage. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Uninsured or "Underinsured" motorist coverage is optional coverage that...

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Dade City Motorcycle Accidents: Working Together To Prevent Them

Dade City is known for it’s winding roads, great local food, and wonderful people. It is an ideal place to take a motorcycle ride whether you live there or are passing through. But sadly, motorcycle accidents do occur and individuals suffer severe injuries. However, it is our belief at the Nicoletti Law Firm that if we work together and operate our vehicles in a safe manner, we can lessen the likelihood of motorcycle accidents in Dade City and communities throughout Florida. Common Motorcycle Accident Causes Motorcycle accidents may happen for a variety of reasons and could be the fault of either...

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Boating: A Responsibility, Not A Right

Accidents happen, that is why they are called accidents. They often happen on land but can even happen at sea. We are talking about boat accidents. Individuals ride on boats and watercrafts daily for both work and pleasure especially around the great State of Florida. But, operating a boat is a large responsibility, especially when passengers are on board, and it should not be taken lightly. Boat accidents can cause severe and life-altering injuries. Often times, they can be prevented if the operator takes the time to be diligent and acts in a responsible manner. However, passengers must be diligent...

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