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Port Richey Pedestrians: How Safe Are You?

Port Richey PEdestrian Accident Lawyer

Port Richey is a beautiful community in Pasco County which is one of the primary reasons why we decided to place our main office there. If you have been to Port Richey, you may have noticed numerous pedestrians making their way on foot around town. However, getting around town by foot is not as safe of an activity as it once was according to a recent study. A recent report stated that Florida had the 5th highest death rate in the United States when it comes to deaths caused by pedestrian accidents. 303 Pedestrian Accident-Related Deaths The report stated that there were...

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Traffic Lights: Not A Suggestion

Port Richey Car Accident Lawyer

Often times, many try to take the traffic laws into their own hands, this is especially true when it comes to traffic lights. Many try to gamble with speed and time and they try to hurry up to sneak through that yellow light at the last second. Others may even go through a red light causing the likelihood of an accident to go up substantially. This can be incredibly dangerous and the lack of care can result in a catastrophic accident that may include severe injuries. We have all seen it, especially during our morning and evening commutes. Someone is late...

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Why Not To Wait To Contact A Personal Injury & Accident Attorney

Port Richey Car Accident Attorneys

Hiring a qualified and experienced Personal Injury & Accident Attorney after an accident is a big decision. Many may want to wait or may want to handle the accident and deal with the insurance companies on their own. But, would you try to fix your own cavity? No, you would go to the dentist. Would you try to fix your own broken arm? Of course not, you would see a doctor. Would you try to sell your own home? Maybe some would, but why deal with contracts, buyers, showings, banks, negotiating, and all the other stressful pieces of a real...

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Auto Insurance 101

Port Richey Truck Accident Lawyers

Auto Insurance can become complicated quickly. Many people may think they have full coverage but, that may not be the case. Florida only requires you to have PIP and Liability coverage but not Bodily Injury, Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist, MedPay or Collision coverage. But what are all those coverages? Allow us to explain. Bodily Injury Coverage Bodily Injury coverage is optional coverage that is designed to compensate an injured victim for damages caused by another negligent driver. Unfortunately, because Bodily Injury coverage is not required, many Florida drivers do not have Bodily Injury coverage. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Uninsured or "Underinsured" motorist coverage is optional coverage that...

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School Bus Safety Tips For Children & Commuters

Port Richey Bus Accident Lawyer

It is that time of year again and school is back in session after the holiday break. Many children throughout the country depend on the bus to get them to their education destination. However, just because it is the second half of the year does not mean that children, as well as adult, do need a reminder when it comes to school bus safety. Here are some of the tips you should remind your children of when riding the school bus and some of the tips you should consider when sharing the road with a school bus: School Bus Riders Wear...

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How Often Should You Hear From Your Car Accident Attorney?

Port Richey Car Accident Lawyers

If you have been recently involved in a car accident and have retained a personal injury attorney, you are likely to have both questions and concerns. If you have dealt with an attorney in the past, you may have an idea as to what to expect. However, many clients that we have worked with have never dealt with an attorney and question: “How often should I hear from my car accident attorney?” When Should I Hear? Every firm and each attorney has their own method as to how they manage their attorney-client relationship. Therefore, there is no hard and fast rule. However,...

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Should You Hire A Spring Hill Truck Accident Attorney?

Port Richey Commercial Vehicle Lawyer

Sadly, accidents happen every day. Those most devasting sometimes involve large trucks. Our personal injury attorneys understand that you may have been seriously injured during an accident with a large truck and we believe that you should be properly compensated for your injuries in addition to your pain and suffering, your future expenses, and any lost wages you have missed out on. We will be there with you every step of the way until we obtain justice for you! Common Causes A truck accident can result from a variety of causes. These causes typically fall under the umbrella of negligence. Some of...

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Our Favorite East Pasco Resturants

Nicoletti Walker Accident Injury Lawyers

Shopping and supporting local is a movement that we firmly support at Nicoletti Law Firm. We love supporting the local community in East Pasco. That is one of the primary reasons why we opened a location in Zephyrhills. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the East Pasco area. If you have not been to one of these restaurants before, you are missing out. Do not want to take our word for it? Try them for yourselves. Kafe Kokopelli A staple in Dade City, Kafe Kokopelli is a must for any local. We recommend the black and blue burger. Location: 37940 Live Oak...

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5 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

Nicoletti Law Firm Board Certified Trial Lawyers

You just finished your Thanksgiving meal and Black Friday shopping is on your mind as well as all the deals and steals. But, we want you to be sure you are keeping safety in mind as well. Here are a few tips to consider while taking advantage of all the Black Friday shopping fun. 1. Watch out for other drivers. Many drivers are going to be distracted and driving quite frantically trying to get those deals. Be sure to drive defensively, look both ways, and expect the unexpected. 2. Look out for loose items on the floor and shelves of stores. Often...

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Why Choose Our Dade City Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys?

Port Richey Personal Injury Law Firm

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be a difficult task as you want to make the right choice for you and your family. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and you want to find the right attorney to accomplish that. Our Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys are up to the task and here is why. 1. We Are Local. We have convenient locations throughout Florida. The Nicoletti Law Firm is proud to serve Dade City and other surrounding areas. Our East Pasco location is located at 5720 Gall Blvd, Suite 4 Zephyrhills, FL 33542. But, if you cannot make it to our East...

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